Inspiring Next Series Volume 1 : Innovation Purpose

Inspiring Next series is designed to bring innovation to your organization. It enables leaders to see farther with a purpose. It empowers change agents to be effective through proven tricks. It provides innovators with tools to ideate and manage risk and uncertainty.

The library of best practices in innovation is ideal for those who are passionate about improving quality of life, who are driven to addressing problems worth solving, and who dream to do big things and need leverage. It inspires any organization to behave like a visionary. The methodology has continuously evolved with every engagement. It has proven itself across energy, aerospace, healthcare, construction, consumer goods, garments, manufacturing, and IT sectors.

Volume 1Inspiring NEXT PURPOSE is all about the WHY. It helps you discover your purpose, using a hierarchical model – Financial Drive, Industry 4.0, Society 5.0, and Sustainable Development.

Volume 2Inspiring NEXT VALUE CHAIN is all about the WHAT. It guides you through a series of steps to monetize any idea – Market Insight, Structured Ideation, Concept Qualification, Purpose & Ethics Check, and Effective Execution with manageable risk.

Volume 3Inspiring NEXT FRAMEWORK is about the HOW (Process). It brings structure to innovation through a framework called +4Pi that helps build a profile from Aware to Follower to Forecaster and to be a Trendsetter. The best practices are organized to progressively Create a Robust Strategy, Build Innovative Workforce, Manage Creative Process, and Execute Effectively.

Volume 4Inspiring NEXT MINDSET is more about the HOW (People). It provides multiple tips to re-build the innovation mindset in a stepwise manner – Unshackle the Past, Reboot Leadership, Re-ignite Creativity, and Learn to Embrace Failures.

The complete set strengthens the mental muscle and builds the innovation capacity of any organization. It is based on a philosophy that Innovation is like a sport – a team sport, a contact sport, played in the market arena. You don’t win every game, but if you practice regularly with a coach, your success rate keeps getting better. A brilliant coach is the one who stays with you on the ground, pushes you hard, gives you timely and candid feedback, inspires your team with strategic plans, and also helps you with tactical moves. A real coach is always by your side, physically, mentally, and emotionally; happy when you win, empathic when you lose, and even provocative when required for your good.

The Inspiring NEXT series is not intended to replace your coach but assist you both in winning the game.

Author – Dr. Ripi Singh is a purposeful innovation coach, strategist, author, keynote speaker, industry 4.0 enabler, and a lifelong learner. He has practiced innovation as a Corporate leader, an Engineering Professor, and on DoD SBIRs; in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Ripi is an expert contributor to the ISO 56000 on innovation management; Guest editor for International Journals; advisor to several Universities around the world, as well as the International Association of Innovation Professionals.

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