ISO 56000 Conformance

Get in conformance with ISO 56000 on Innovation Management

Learn from Dr. Ripi Singh

US Delegate on ISO 56000 on Innovation

ISO 56000 Innovation Management World Congress Events

ISO56K Sep 2019
ISO56K May 2019

Primary Takeaways

  • Overview of ISO 56000, What it is and what it is not
  • Identify Process Gaps
  • Outline of the future innovation management structure
  • Course notes in the form of an ISO workbook, with exercises

Who is it for?

  • Senior Management
  • Government agencies funding innovation


  • Market/customer/branding need to demonstrate conformance, or
  • You need to get basic understanding of managing innovation


  • Conference call with facilitator

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Investment Options:

1 Day Workshop
6 Month Coaching

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