Inspiring NEXT Series

by Dr. Ripi Singh

Innovation Purpose (Vol 1)

Innovation Purpose (Vol 1) will help you identify your next purpose (Why?). Your purpose may be merely to drive or turnaround your business financially, or you could push through the 4th Industrial Revolution. At yet another higher level, you may be in pursuit of creating a better social life for human beings, and finally, some of you may be inspired to work on a balance between economic and ecological systems of the planet earth for the sake of humanity.

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Why not … best for the world?

Innovation Purpose​

A socially responsible executive ponders over the need for sustainability before attending the corporate strategic planning session.

Table of Contents
  1. The Innovation
  2. The Purpose
  3. Financial Drive
  4. Technology Push
  5. Social Pull
  6. Sustainable Development
  7. Purpose in a Tough Time
  8. Time to Reflect
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