3 Questions that a small business owner should ask

  1. Are the CUSTOMERS Happy? – How many customers would recommend you to their social and professional network? Also known as Net Promoter Score (NPS). Read more

4 Things to Build a Self-Propelled Team

Here is what has worked for me over the years, particularly in a creative environment.

  1. Alignment of Goals, Roles, and Responsibilities from top to bottom of the organization, on all key performance indicators. Gaps lead to quality shortfalls or missed deliveries. Overlaps create conflict and confusion. Read more

Expanding Sphere of Influence When Innovating

Most of us are innovating most of the time. We may not think of it that way. Here is one simple way to classify the creative activities in a product development process, and a look at expanding the sphere of influence: Read more

5 Channels for Client Communication

How often have you felt that you are unable to effectively communicate with your Client ?

Often! Then perhaps you need to tune to the right frequency. Here are 5 channels. Read more