5 Channels for Client Communication

How often have you felt that you are unable to effectively communicate with your Client ?

Often! Then perhaps you need to tune to the right frequency. Here are 5 channels.

  1. VENDOR: Client exactly knows the problem and the solution. Vendor has the solution ready, packages and delivers.
  2. CONTRACTOR: Client knows the problem and the solution fairly well. Contractor deploys his capabilities to execute the solution as tasked and delivers.
  3. PARTNER: Client knows the problem fairly well & has some knowledge of a possible solution. Client & Partner have comparable capabilities, and join hands to work together.
  4. CONSULTANT: Client somewhat knows the problem, but does not know the solution. Consultant uses his expertise to solve the problem.
  5. ADVISER: Client hires an Adviser to help discover the problem first. He may later go to a consultant or a partner to solve it.

If you make the right choice, you would both succeed. As you build the trust, you can climb the ladder from being a contractor to an adviser. Learn to change the channel with time, capability, and client confidence in you.


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