“Good to Great” through Innovation Lens

Is it time to add Innovation to Jim Collins published research from last century data.

In 2001 Jim Collins brought out a best seller – Good to Great – which became executive favorite for a long time. Collins research brought out that discipline in three areas: people, thought, and action, were likely the most significant factors in determining a company’s ability to achieve greatness. Read more

Innovators Start with WHY NOT

There is a lot of hype about “Start with WHY” on social media, after the Ted Talk by Simon Sinek. I am personally having tough time with that.

I strongly feel that innovators and trendsetters really start with WHY NOT in their hearts. It most likely leads to the WHY as a form of expression to engage others. Read more

Who needs a “Chief Innovation Officer” – Only those who want to grow, right?

For many years, companies have over-focused on techniques such as Lean and outsourcing to reduce cost. Now, they are waking up to a realization that long-term growth comes from innovation – creating new products, new service or new ways of generating value for customers and employees. Read more

CAE in Bio-Mechanics – Imagine Next ?

The Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) models for human bodies are now being used in automotive crash simulations to identify safety problems and find their solutions.  They can simulate kinematics and injuries in response to a large impact such in a car crash  Read more