4 Things to Build a Self-Propelled Team

Here is what has worked for me over the years, particularly in a creative environment.

  1. Alignment of Goals, Roles, and Responsibilities from top to bottom of the organization, on all key performance indicators. Gaps lead to quality shortfalls or missed deliveries. Overlaps create conflict and confusion.

    Best practice is to have it in an open document.
    How do you break down high-level business goals to task level individual goals?

  2. Develop their Career through individually mentoring and encouraging them to invest in future jobs, just like we invest a fraction of our earnings towards R&D. Best development plans include training for the job today, training for the job tomorrow and a process improvement project for organization’s gains today.
    Do you find time to connect, understand, and align special assignments with career goals?
  3. Recognition, Respect, and Inclusion is a great motivator. Everybody has unique talents, and diverse interests. Once the role gets aligned with the career, performance begins to improve; recognition will then act as a catalyst that speeds the reaction. Best practice is to do it regularly, openly, highlighting the behavior and the person.
    Do you make it a point to seek input, and also provide rationale for your decision?
  4. Have FUN with team events such as happy hours, a BBQ afternoon, competitive games, or a holiday party.
    Best practice is to let the team run the event.
    How often do you bring everyone together outside of work, to connect at a new level?

True leaders build self-propelled high-performing teams. Individuals are inspired to personally excel and support others to succeed, collectively achieving much more than sum of individual capacities and competencies.

If you are generally driving your team, sit back and look for a weak or missing link.


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