Where the heck is the virus?

Who engineered such a perfect particle to stop the world within weeks?

Nature, of course, the original perfectionist !


But Why?  

Because, in about 100 years of industrialization, human mind has messed up what nature had groomed for over a billion years. So,where the hell is the virus?

What are you reflecting upon during this time out?

Here is what I am thinking, … like it or not, … time will tell

Earth has been showing signs of sickness; but we keep ignoring them.

Global warming is the low-grade fever; but like a child we keep playing with it.

Earth had lung infection in form of Amazon Forest fire; but we still keep dumping carbon in the air.

Earth is sneezing in form of Tsunami, and coughing in form of earthquakes; but we still keep abusing it.

And then came 2020, the number we use for perfect vision 20/20. Our eyes are going through an exam now; but we still choose not to read the fine print; … in a rush to go back to … really …!

Nature finally decided to give us HARD time out, because we ignored all SOFT messages.

We are now locked up in our houses, for our relentless misbehavior. Hmm….

…Thinking … good …

Our planet has a very well-designed ECO-SYSTEM, the Ecological system.

We got into a race to build our own ECO-SYSTEM, so called Economic system; and in the process disturbed the Ecological system.

And we forgot that the ecological system has 4.5 billion years of sustainability experience; as compared to our economic system that crashes every decade. And yet we convince ourselves that we are smart.

The ecological system has over 8.7 million species on this planet. None of them have even discovered wheel or fire, yet they are intelligent enough to live without causing a fever to the mother Earth. And that eco-system had the capability to figure out a way to save itself from the wrath of the artificial economic system.

Nature engineered a perfect particle – tiny, stealth, lethal, capable of mutating, capable of replicating using humans as a fertile ground, jump across many more humans, before showing up its presence in the form of fever, cough, and putting a fire in human body’s amazon forest (the lungs). The irony is the size of single corona virus in comparison to human body is about the same ratio as human body to the Earth. And the speed at which it kills relative to human life is also about the same at which humans have messed up the ecological system.  Coronavirus is treating it’s host human body at same scale, scope, style, and speed, as humans have treated its host planet: Stick to a small piece of real estate, replicate exponentially, and “grow” to mess it up.

And oh, by the way, Coronavirus does not bother millions of other plants and animals, because they are all required to sustain the planet’s ecological system. It is pretty smart, knows what needs to be fixed.

During the current lockdown, there is a record drop in seismic vibration, air is strikingly clear, movement of land and water animals is more natural. Earth is breathing again.Nature’s formula is working.

I think, … It is the Sustainable Ecological System telling the Fragile Economic System to show some respect. I hope we don’t have to wait for polar ice caps to rebuild before the nature lets us out of our homes. Can we see 20/20 before the end of 2020?

Our NEXT NORMAL better be towards a sustainable planet, otherwise, mother nature will devise an even more lethal virus.  Let’s take this COVID as our final warning, to kill the real virus, in our brains and minds.

So where is the virus – COVID or HUMANBEHAVIOUR? Take your pick.

Further …

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