Workshops on Innovation

Which workshop is right for you?

Purpose Builder100,000 ft view “Discover where you want to be”

Roadmap Builder10,000 ft view “Level 1 plan to get there (outline of activities)”

Portfolio Builder1,000 ft view “Level 2 plan to get there (list of projects)”

Ideation Ground level creative problem solving

Profile BuilderLearn tools and processes to manage innovation

NDE 4.0 Why, What, and How of Industry 4.0 in NDT industry

Bounce Forward InnovationRedefine the future, when nature has forced us a time out

Typical Workshop


Pre-work to get clarity on objective, and adjustment to the content


Onsite multi-day, action learning style delivery


Team-based exercises to understand the theoretical model with practical examples


Home-work to follow through for implementation

If your team needs more handholding, we can follow through with coaching on quarterly basis.

“The members of the Center for Family Business at the University of New Haven were impressed and motivated to begin being actively innovative in both their companies and their personal lives.”

– Paul Sessions (CBF Director, University of New Haven)