School of Living Master’s Class of 2021

School of Living: Master’s Class of 2021

We are about to graduate, why think of going back?

After sustaining tough times in classrooms, after long hours of homework, after paying so much in tuition fees, I will not go back. I will work towards graduating. Yet the new year’s theme on social media has been “glad that 2020 is over” If you think about it, it’s time to acknowledge the learning from SCHOOL OF COVID and look forward to a “Master’s in Living” in 2021. 

What have you Learned?  

Each one of us has learned a whole lot of new skills and gained new perspective on life, work, health, liberty, and happiness. We have realized what is important, what is non-essential, and the things in between. We learned about our healthcare systems, political systems, leadership, and the fragility of the social fabric. Children may have missed the school, but they got lessons that schools can’t teach. Families stayed separate, but the bonds got stronger. Travel was on hold, but we connected with more people in far off places.  What have you learned? Share below

Class in Innovation

The biggest learning of all has been on two aspects

  1. Change is not hard, willingness to change is hard. Once Covid motivated us to change, a decade worth of change happened in weeks. Things believed to impossible or very difficult, happened with ease as if it is no big deal.
  2. Innovation is not hard, willingness to explore is hard. Once we realized that we needed new solutions to keep creating value, we were able to explore options, tryout new ways and learn along the way. Non-tech companies and groups were innovating at the speed of technology

For me personally

2020 was a very valuable year.

  1. It validated years of learning published in Inspiring Next Series of Books on Innovation.
  2. Between my practice and my clients, we got to a new level in teamwork, better self confidence in resiliency solutions, and a confirmation that innovation is a mindset.

Thank you to all those who stepped up

I am grateful to a lot of people – particularly the front-line warriors, and the back-end supporters. They understand their job is not done. Because the virus does not celebrate new years’ eve. Let’s continue top support them by doing our part.

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