Personalized Innovation Coaching

Innovation is a part science and a part art, like a piano.

Two classes on the instrument are just an introduction.

You need sustained practice with a coach to develop the skill or mindset.

Workshops are the foundation for the coaching?

Workshops provide action leaning in classroom setting, where your team engages in intensive discussion and activity on the innovation topic.
You learn how to fish, and hold the fishing rod in a class room setting.

Coaching trains your team to consistently fish in your own or a new water body.
This may cover group discussions, 1-1 project level discussions, individual mentoring and development, additional classroom training, implementing tools and processes, piloting projects and processes, building your network outside of your company, hiring innovators, and whatever you may need from time to time.
This is about building organization’s mental muscle of innovation;
to achieve a mix of personal, professional, and corporate goals.

Coaching Programs

ISO 56000 Conformance

Establish innovation process and demonstrate conformance to ISO 56000 for business qualification and branding purposes, and a step in the direction of establishing a strong innovation profile

Customize Your Engagement

Independent DISCOVERY to validate what you may already know, and discover what you may not be aware of

Innovation Mindset Builder

Shift the Leadership mindset and build the organization’s mental muscle to be open to explore, experiment, learn, adapt, and accept failure.

We engage additional experts from within our network of excellence, as needed.

Typical Coaching

Weekly engagement modes range from a few hours to a full day

Conducted onsite as well as via video conferencing

Predetermined duration based on discovery, and may be extended in 3 month quarterly increments

“I got introduced to Ripi about a year ago while my company was looking for a Coach that would help structure Marutee to take a path towards long term sustainable growth. The learnings were of great value for us. The best thing about Ripi is the value & experience he brings to an organization.”

– Srini Laxman, Co-owner Marutee, Engineering Services, MI, USA