Inspiring NEXT Series

Books on Innovation by Dr. Ripi Singh

What is Innovation?

Innovation is like a sport – a team sport, a contact sport, played in the market arena. You don’t win every game, but if you practice regularly with a coach, your success rate keeps getting better. A brilliant coach is the one who stays with you on the ground, pushes you hard, gives you timely and candid feedback, inspires your team with strategic plans, and also helps you with tactical moves. A real coach is always by your side, physically, mentally, and emotionally; happy when you win, empathetic when you lose, and even provocative when required for your own good.

The Inspiring NEXT series is a package of innovation best practices and tools, to help leaders and readers strengthen the mental muscle and build the organization’s innovation capacity. It is not intended to replace your coach but assist you both.

About the Series

Volume 1

Innovation Purpose
Innovation Purpose
Why not… best for the world?

Volume 2

Innovation Value Chain​
Innovation Value Chain
How about… best in the world?

Volume 3

Innovation Framework​
Innovation Framework
What if… innovation is structured?

Volume 4

Innovation Mindset​
Innovation Mindset
Why not… start with a why not?

Forthcoming Volumes

Vol. 5 Inspiring Next Purposeful Innovation – Text Book

Vol. 6 Inspiring Next Innovation in Tough Times

Vol. 7 Inspiring Next Innovations for a Safer World

Vol. 8 Inspiring Next Innovations in Energy Systems

Vol. 9 Inspiring Next Enriched Living

Vol. 10 Inspiring Next Ecosystem Revolution