Design for Resiliency – How soon would this become a system level criterion?

Richard Feynman’s demonstration of the intrinsic cause of the Challenger disaster can be viewed as making a strongest possible case for the design for resiliency.  (   Read more

Business Blueprint Simplified – Part 2 – Business Growth

Every business is a growth business, as long as the stakeholders are interested in growth.  Once again, here is how you can put your growth strategy on a one page landscape and confidently forge ahead. Refer to the graphic and fill in 12 boxes in the sequence as numbered, Read more

Business Blueprint Simplified – Part 1 – New Business Line

Startup, small, medium, or large: what-ever size your business may be, chances are you are looking to convert new ideas into monetary gains.  Number of questions with equally large number of choices cross your mind. Read more

3 Questions that a small business owner should ask

  1. Are the CUSTOMERS Happy? – How many customers would recommend you to their social and professional network? Also known as Net Promoter Score (NPS). Read more