3 Steps to Embracing 3D Printing

Do you know how easy it could be to help your shop floor embrace 3D printing

Writing seems to be on the wall. Additive Manufacturing, or 3D Printing as popularly known, is here to change the face of manufacturing. I have several clients who have been grappling with the idea of bringing 3D printing into their environment. How, what, when, are all legitimate questions. Read more

Talent Mapping – Your Solution to HR Optimization


During my management years, I was challenged by limited training budget, ever increasing demands for new skills, and HR approach to tracking training. In spite of our sincere efforts to match employee skill level with job description and project requirements, we always had a list of gaps to be filled and training to be scheduled. By the time we catch up, the demand changed. Read more

Even the BIG can Innovate Fast – 5 steps worth learning ?

I am so moved with the progress report from the LARGEST employer on the planet with 1.3 million government employees, serving 23 million people every day, generating an annual revenue of $25B operating at about 10% profit, in an emerging nation. Read more

How Innovative is Your Company?

Is there any yard stick that I can use to assess how innovative is my company? Is there any guidance on how to systematically become more innovative?  I invite you to engage with me in addressing this frequent demand. Read more