Why do I need NDE 4.0? – An Interview with Dr. Ripi


Ripi Singh and Johannes Vrana discussing the WHY of NDE 4.0. They are focusing on why different stakeholders in the NDE / NDT business need NDE 4.0. How will Asset Owners, Asset OEMs, NDE Inspectors, and NDE OEMs benefit from NDE 4.0? And what will

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Orientation to NDE 4.0 – A Handbook

Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation 4.0 by Norbert Meyendorf, Nathan Ida, Johannes Vrana, Ripi Singh Read more

Purpose and Pursuit of NDE 4.0

What is NDE 4.0 ?

(NDE is a short form for Non-Destructive Evaluation) Read more