Purpose: A Key to Success

Purpose: A Key to Success | Hosted by C2E2 for UConn Center for Clean Energy (Nov 16, 2020)

On Monday November 16th 2020, C2E2 hosted Dr. Ripi Singh for a seminar on “Purpose” on a professional and personal level. The audience consisted of professors and students who are affiliated with the UConn Center for Clean Energy. The seminar reminded the audience of their purpose with questions like why did you decide to do this research? Why did you decide to work at C2E2?


Dr. Singh illustrated sustainability in our lives on different segmented levels such as Business, technology, society and planetary scale. Understanding the differences and how each step matters is such an integral part in taking the right step into a greener world. “There is no planet B”, as Dr. Singh zealously emphasized. Even though we have stepped into an era where there is a greater effort to focus on sustainability, Dr. Singh reminded everyone that we cannot improve until our purpose is clear and genuine.

There is a clear unification between different sectors to decrease emissions and save our planet. With initiatives like Environmental, Social, and Corporative Governance (ESG) investing, even Wall Street is in on it. Dr. Singh spoke about how we all must continue this in our professional and personal life. We must not place ourselves in boxes as researchers, scientists and business aficionados. We must remember our purpose. We must not simply show up, we must study and act with purpose. Doing this, together we can build a greener and brighter future.

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