Roadmap Builder Workshops

Roadmap Builder Workshops is provides you the Framework to build the next profile driven by the purpose (Process How?). It provides a set of synergistic tools that will empower you to create a Strategic Innovation roadmap, build your Innovation Capital, manage Innovation Value Chain, and keep it Efficient. The objective is to get you ahead of the competition. Innovation leaders must not skip this.

– Dr. Ripi Singh

Primary Takeaways

  • Balanced Scorecard tool to track past performance and Proforma
  • Roadmap of future planned activities to cover
    1. Target industries, markets, and customers
    2. Innovative technologies, products, and services, business models
    3. Process Innovation, talent, knowledge, capabilities, and partnerships
  • Strategic intelligence – Markets, customers, competitors, other trends

Who is it for?

  • C-Suite
  • Family business owners
  • Other primary stakeholders


  • Ideally – Purpose Builder workshop (ok with some idea of future state)
  • Willing to accept uncertainty, Agility to adapt to rapid external change
  • Total ownership participation


  • Conference call, clarity of the future state
  • Some market insight, VOC from the participants
  • Some homework for the participants
  • Some prep work for the facilitator

Watch a quick intro on Innovation Purpose by Dr. Ripi Singh. For full event recording, visit our YouTube Channel.

Investment Options

1 Day (Onsite)
– or –
1 Week, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 3 participants
($602 every additional participant)

2 Days (Onsite)
– or –
2 Weeks, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 8 participants
($602 every additional participant)

3 Days (Onsite)
– or –
3 Weeks, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 12 participants
($602 every additional participant)

* Travel cost extra, as applicable


  • Copy of the InspiringNext Book for each participant
  • 6 month free membership of Innovation webinars
  • Innovation Profile assessment