Portfolio Builder Workshops

Portfolio Builder Workshops will guide you with steps to your next project – product, service, or business model (What?). It systematically walks you through the steps of opportunity identification, ideation, development, risk reduction, in alignment with your purpose. Innovation managers must not skip this.

– Dr. Ripi Singh

Primary Takeaways

  • Basic Innovation Value Chain
    1. Deep Market Insight
    2. Structured Ideation
    3. Concept Qualification
    4. Creative Execution (Risk Management)
  • Portfolio Management

Who is it for?

  • Business unit heads
  • Program managers
  • Technology managers
  • Chiefs


  • Ideally – Purpose Builder workshop. Acceptable – Some idea of future state
  • Willing to accept uncertainty, Agility to adapt to rapid external change


  • Conference call, Portfolio Objective or charter
  • Some homework for the participants
  • Some prep work for the facilitator

Watch a quick intro on Innovation Purpose by Dr. Ripi Singh. For full event recording, visit our YouTube Channel.

Investment Options

2 Day (Onsite)
– or –
2 Week, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 8 participants
($602 every additional participant)

3 Days (Onsite)
– or –
3 Weeks, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 12 participants
($602 every additional participant)

9 Days (Onsite)
– or –
9 Weeks, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 12 participants
($602 every additional participant)

* Travel cost extra, as applicable


  • Copy of the InspiringNext Book for each participant
  • 6 month free membership to Webinar
  • Innovation Profile assessment