Ideation Workshop will help you identify innovative ideas by utilizing different ideation techniques like Visual Triggers. This will be a team exercise with a facilitator to drive your team’s thoughts in the right direction, while keeping the focus on core innovation objective.

Ideation workshop

Why conduct an Ideation Workshop?

The need for entrepreneurs continues to grow as competition becomes tougher and the world becomes increasingly globalized. Whether one is starting their own company or innovating within an existing company, having an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to success. Ideation Workshop aims to train the creative ideas mindset of the employees and motivate them to become great entrepreneurs.

Benefits of this Workshop

Ideation workshop are a great next step after synthesizing research, which can help build business innovation ideas and empower teams to take your research to the next level. This workshop can generate many new ideas for your product, which helps in the growth of your business as well as these workshop can give a necessary direction to your team.

Workshop Preview

Who is it for?

  • Leadership teams for developing strategic vision Marketing
  • Team for new business opportunities
  • Product development teams for creating new concepts
  • Subject matter experts for resolving critical issues
  • Post merger integration

Primary Takeaways

  • Training on Ideation Techniques
  • Dozens of Quality Ideas through liberated mental exercise
  • Collated under few themes for further investigation
  • Enthusiasm, Confidence and Team spirit


  • Listening to understand instead of listening to respond
  • Critique only to improve, and not to be judgmental
  • Team diversity of background, experience, and expertise


  • Team Selection
  • Objective Clarity


  • Copy of “Idea Stormers” for each participant
  • 1 Year Free Membership to EinStory

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