Ideation Workshops

An organized workshop to identify & build innovative ideas

Primary Takeaways

  • Training on Ideation Techniques
  • Dozens of Quality Ideas through liberated mental exercise
  • Collated under few themes for further investigation
  • Enthusiasm, Confidence and Team spirit

Who is it for?

  • Leadership teams for developing strategic vision
  • Marketing Team for new business opportunities
  • Product development teams for creating new concepts
  • Subject matter experts for resolving critical issues
  • Post merger integration


  • Listening to understand instead of listening to respond
  • Critique only to improve, and not to be judgmental
  • Team diversity of background, experience, and expertise


  • Team selection
  • Objective Clarity

Investment Options

1 Day (Onsite)
– or –
1 Week, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 5 participants

2 Days (Onsite)
– or –
2 Weeks, 90 mins/day (Remote)

Up-to 8 participants

* Travel cost extra, as applicable


  • 6 month free membership to Webinars
  • Trial access to Information management SaaS
  • Copy of “Idea Stormers” for each participant