Bounce Forward Innovation



Pandemic has disrupted multiple aspects of work and life, in a blink of an eye; leaving us anxious, confused, vulnerable, challenged, and uncertain about the future. Validity of our strategic plan or roadmap prepared before Covid-19 needs to revised in the new context.

We have all been thrown ‘Out of the Box,’ needing to create a new one.

Our Next Normal will depend upon the choices we make NOW.

What better opportunity to redefine our future, when nature has forced us a time out!

Primary Takeaways

  • Clarity of situation, specific to your business.
  • Possible impacts under realistic and other scenarios.
  • Prime Path and Plan B

Who is it for?

  • Leadership responsible for business continuity


  • Your business is impacted by Covid-19 or you see an opportunity emerging from the pandemic.


  • Virtual Workshop composed of 8 Sessions of 90 minute each, over 2-3 weeks.

Session 1: Kickoff and training (2-3 hours of homework)
Session 2: Situation Analysis and Scenarios (2-3 hours of homework)
Session 3: Situation review and Objective Clarity
Session 4/5: Ideation (2-3 hours of homework)
Session 5/6: Concepts Qualification (4-6 hours of homework)
Session 7: Concept Review and Concurrence (4-6 hours of homework)
Session 8: Project plan review

Guidelines derived from ISO 56000
Read this blog post for more details

Investment Options

½ day workshop

(~5 members)

  • Fee can be discounted/deferred for those negatively impacted by Covid-19
  • Fee may qualify for Paycheck Protection Program
  • If you wish to just learn the process “How to rapidly Innovate and Bounce Back” Sign up for the ½ day Short Course.
  • Not ready for workshop or the short course, just looking to learn? Join our learning community.