Innovation Mindset Builder

Innovation Mindset Builder is provides you with tricks to build the next mindset (People How?) and is important, since processes and tools are not sufficient to become a consistent innovator. Leaders and managers tasked to bring change to the organization must not skip this.

– Dr. Ripi Singh

Primary Takeaways

  • Set of tools, processes, and tricks to open the mind
    1. Leadership Mindset
    2. Exploration Mindset
    3. Conversation around current trends in technology and business models
  • Course notes customized in the form of a workbook, with exercises

Who is it for?

  • C-Suite
  • Family Business Owners
  • Senior Leadership
  • Key Managers
  • And ~50% of the company


  • Willingness to unlearn established norms, and change
  • Willingness to learn new way of thinking
  • Willing to explore and learn from failed attempts


  • Conference call(s) with facilitator
  • Mindset discovery by conversations (phone or in person, Group and 1-1s)
  • Content customization to address the gaps – work package preparation

Watch a quick intro on Innovation Purpose by Dr. Ripi Singh. For full event recording, visit our YouTube Channel.

Investment Options

1 Day Workshop
3 Month Coaching

Up-to 15 participants

1 Day Workshop
18 Month Coaching

Contact Us for Pricing

* Travel cost extra, as applicable

  • Copy of the InspiringNext Book for each participant
  • 6 month free membership of Innovation webinars
  • Innovation Profile assessment