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About the webinars

A series of webinars/discussions organized by InspiringNext, where we invite experts from around the world to join in a conversation. We pick a different topic on Innovation, Industry 4.0, Society 5.0 or anything that excites us to peek into the future.

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Some of the Topics Covered

  • Purposeful Innovation
  • Innovation in Industry 4.0
  • Innovation in Society 5.0
  • UN Sustainability Goals

Global Experts

We invite experts from around the globe to discuss latest in innovation.

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Some of our experts

Kevin Bouley

President, Nerac, Inc.

Johannes Vrana
CEO Vrana Gmbh
Bryan Mattimore
Bryan Mattimore

Co-Founder, Growth Engine

Innovation can be made easy. If we could agree on a process where exploration and risk can be managed, and a mindset where ideas and learnings (failures) are welcome; we can bring innovation into our culture.”

– Dr. Ripi Singh