Team Coaching

"High performing team is not the same as group of high performing individuals"

We coach management teams on topics of direct relevance and help in building a robust innovation and productivity improvement culture. A culture that drives consistency and leverages synergies.

Our Approach

  • Discovery: We perform an in-depth analysis of competency gaps, business opportunities, and growth requirements.
  • Strategy: We create an organization development plan in context of near term and far term needs. Typically it covers coaching on management practices and business process improvement that would directly impact the business performance KPIs; such as delivery and financial metrics, employee and customer engagement. We have predefined modules with a structured coaching program, as well as an opportunity to mix and match, topics.
  • Execution: : We bring a mix of our own content and existing content from popular books, in a 4 step execution.

Returns on Investment

A well-defined and executed coaching program typically brings 3-4X in productivity improvement benefits.

The +4π Innovation framework is structured in 4 Coaching Modules:

You may choose the complete set of 4; pick one or more individual modules; or even create your own custom package through mix and match.

Strategic Roadmap Module

  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Building a strategic roadmap
  • Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking
  • Customer Shared Vision (From VOC to Choir)
  • Smart Forecasting for Evolutionary Innovation
  • Disruptive Innovation Strategy
  • Scenario Planning

Expertise Building Module

  • Talent Mapping and Development Plan
  • Knowledge Mapping and Development Plan
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Team Development and Team Building
  • Supplier Development
  • Succession Planning and Retention

Innovative Development Module

  • DRIVE Process
  • Idea Management
  • Gated Development (QA and Risk control)

Productivity Improvement Module

  • Dashboard (Balanced Score Card)
  • Organization Alignment (Roles/Objectives)
  • Employee Engagement, rewards/recognition
  • Customer Engagement and alignment
  • Enterprise Value Stream Mapping (Process)
  • Traditional Lean Overview

In addition, we offer the following two modules to improve management effectiveness and consistency:

Time Management

  • Time and multiple-task management
  • Meetings - Best practices in conducting internal business meeting
  • Critical Thinking and Root cause investigation
  • Making Sound Decisions
  • Special application topics (your need)

People Management

  • Empowering People
  • Leading Diverse workforce
  • Building and energizing teams
  • Managing Conflict
  • Special application topics (your need)

You can always benefit from facilitated sessions,
However, It really helps when

  • Desire to grow multifold in few years
  • Confused about strategy and action plan
  • Inconsistent Practices and missing objectives
  • Concerned about a crisis or facing multiple issues
  • Can't define the problem or the root cause

Client Testimonials

"Clarity of expression and provocative – This sums up the value we derived from Dr. Ripi’s workshop on Innovation Maturity. The workshop was well structured, intensive and highly valuable. Tools provided were simple yet highly effective. I highly recommend this workshop to all enterprises that strive to provide value"

- Dr. Pavan Suri
Director of R&D
Heraeus Materials, Singapore