Strategic Roadmap

"This is like the GPS for your car that guides you through the fastest route to your destination"

We help define what products and services should a company develop, with timeline, to capture the market share. We do this through an onsite facilitated workshop, with limited pre-work and significant intelligence gathering and analytics afterwards.

Our Model

First we establish a basic framework to capture data and communicate the roadmap to the organization. You can choose a format of your convenience. Fundamentally, it is a timeline of projects/products/services lifecycle. A level above, we layout the market/customer need being addressed. And at levels below, we successively line up technology, expertise (talent, knowledge, assets), resources/partnerships that support the product life cycle.

Strategic Roadmap

We begin the roadmap workshop with a simple competitive strategy and progressively add rigor through Benchmarking, Competitive intelligence, Smart forecasting, and Scenario based planning; followed by Project prioritization and Portfolio balancing.

  • Emerging companies are generally Top Down corporate driven, and the boss does competitive benchmarking
  • Established companies would normally do a thorough competitive intelligence, technology scouting, and listen to workforce
  • Mature companies look beyond the horizon (customers/markets today) and do smart forecasting to develop an evolutionary strategy
  • Robust companies actually make a conscious effort to both disrupt the market space, and do scenario based planning to prevail, in case a new entrant disrupts their business

Self Discovery Questions?

  1. What is your level of confidence that your roadmap will help you sustain competitive position?
  2. Based on the model, what are the elements, you would consider adding to your roadmap?
  3. How would you create a roadmap with our personal bias and preconceived notions?

Client Case Brief

An R&D unit of a global entity is struggling to turnaround. +4π implementation over a few months recently has helped:

(a) build a robust roadmap for the next 3 years,
(b) align it with their primary customers success metrics,
(c) bring account managers closer to the development team, and
(d) inspire employees through alignment of their objectives and development with department goals/roadmap and a rewards program.

They had a dependable R&D process that required no change, and in the design spirit of the +4π, it could easily accommodate the new thought process.

Client Testimonials

"It is a pleasure to continue to work together with Dr. Ripi Singh and +4π. He is highly motivated, reliable, and intelligent leader/coach with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. I strongly endorse Dr. Ripi Singh. When you get to connect with him, you'll discover an amazing person with unique skills!"

- Tyler Burke
President & CEO
Turbine Technologies, Inc. CT, USA

"Ripi is very strong; both technically and in team building. I have a very good opinion of Ripi; especially in business turn-around situations."

- Dr. Allan Pfeffer
Chief Engineer
GE Power, CT, USA