Productivity Improvement

"This is like 4-wheel alignment and wheel balancing for a smooth ride and fuel efficiency"

We align projects, processes, employees, customers, and business metrics, to continuously improve the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise. We begin with an enterprise wide value stream, define processes and sub-processes and then create SIPOC. We focus on creating the best path for the flow of material, cash, and information. We help improve employee morale, customer engagement, and structure the enterprise objectives matrix, providing synergy benefits making the whole greater than sum of individual pieces.

Our Model

Most companies have processes, but very few have integrated them for efficiency. This graphic shows one integration model wihch links up the significant aspects of running a product/service business. Each of the boxes can be a process or a group of processes.

Productivity Improvement

Our Process integration rules:

  • Each process must have a SIPOC (Supplier-Inputs-Process-Outputs-Customer) and at least one unique KPI at the output, which feeds into the business dashboard.
  • Process may have sub-processes with their own SIPOC, and a KPI, which becomes the leading indicator for the parent process KPI.
  • A Process can be Supplier or Customer to another process.
  • There should be NO Free floating Input or Output to any process. All Outputs ultimately end at the Customer, or another enterprise process.
  • Each process must have a closed loop Continuous Improvement sub-process.
  • Each process or sub process has one of these purpose - Value to an external Customer, Internal Compliance, or Continuous Improvement. Otherwise it is redundant and should be removed.

Self Discovery Questions?

  1. Which of the pieces or links are missing in your organization
  2. When was the last time you updated your enterprise value stream map (VSM) or conducted an in-depth audit of process effectiveness?

Client Case Brief

An engineering department with a number of processes, all individually certified to deliver controlled output, was getting unfavorable customer feedback as well as employee dissatisfaction. System was working under excessive customer pull causing organizational stress. VSM exercise and process integration rules revealed serious gaps at information handoff, missing appropriate material tracking metrics, a few critical leading indicators, and an ineffective continuous improvement acivity.

Client Testimonials

"Dr. Singh has helped successfully launch several research projects across various engineering disciplines in terms of project formulation and management at different progress phases. My research project has benefited from his experience and insight in improving the project workflow, professional project communication, and interaction with management and technical leadership.
I would highly recommend Dr. Singh as an expert consultant for engineering R&D project management and technology development."

- Dr. Ali Bazzi
Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut, USA