Innovative Development

"This is the actual driving to destination."

We define and implement the process to systematically develop new products and services, reducing risk and cost. The core development engine is a phase gate process. But we go beyond the traditional. Our process guides the team through an innovation value chain which begins with white space or a market demand, and ends with an emotionally engaged customer.

Our Model

On lines similar to DMAIC of six-sigma, we use DRIVE - Define-Research-Ideate-V(systems)-Engage.

Innovative Development

However unlike the 6σ tool DMAIC, which is useful in reducing variation and controlling the process output (at cost of creativity), our 4π tool drives innovation.

  • Define the unmet market need,
  • Research the landscape of competitive products, business case opportunity, past trends and projections,
  • Invent or Ideateto meet the unmet need within the business case parameters,
  • V-Model Use the systems engineering approach to create new offering (product/service/process)
  • Engage the market with a differentiated offering.

Self Discovery Questions?

  1. What process do you use to instill discipline into new product / service development?
  2. How do you know if that is enough to reduce risk, reduce cost, and improve product quality?

Client Case Brief

A product development business implemented 6σ across the enterprise. While it helped boost quality on production shop floor, it made life difficult for the R&D and engineering departments to derive value. This led to artificially creating 6σ projects for corporate compliance, while actual new product development activity continued uncontrolled, leading to false sense of quality control, wasted/distracted effort, and lack of faith in leadership. Management coaching on the +4π methodology and acceptance of an alternative approach to quality in new product development helped accelerate performance and employee morale.

Client Testimonials

"Over the last year, Ripi helped me see how my product line was not sufficiently customer focused. This served as a springboard to other customers, and more innovations followed, which I anticipate will increase revenues greater than 10X in the next year."

- Dr. Richard Pettit
Owner Fracture Labs