Individual Coaching

"Coaching is not a sign of deficiency, rather it shows initiative to grow"

We engage with individuals to build competencies for the job today and also prepare for tomorrow. This can be done one skill at a time in a structured approach to investing time and resources. Our Individual Development model looks like:

Individual Coaching

Our Approach

  • Discovery: We deploy an enhanced 360 feedback, including observation and situational test to identify competency gaps for each individual for his or her operational level.
  • Strategy: We create individual development plans in context of near term and far term needs. Typically it covers coaching for the job today, preparation for the job tomorrow, business process improvement exercise as well as peripheral skills development.
  • Execution: We leverate existing content from popular books, relevant case studies from industry, and personal experience to reinforce the message, followed by deployment of learning to specific organization situations.

Returns on Investment

A well-defined and executed coaching program has unquantifiable returns on individual as well the employer, in terms of productivity, employee morale, and team work. Long term success of the business depends upon talent development and it’s retention.

You always need a coach, however,
it really helps when:

  • Just promoted or inherited a business
  • Professor starting a business
  • Subject matter expert taking on management role
  • Anticipating a major contract
  • Top talent is leaving the company

Client Testimonials

"I got introduced to Ripi about a year ago while my company was looking for a Coach that would help structure Marutee to take a path towards long term sustainable growth. The learnings were of great value for us. The best thing about Ripi is the value & experience he brings to an organization. It has been a great pleasure working with him so far and I expect the association to go much farther in the near future."

- Srini Laxman
Co-Owner Marutee Engineering Services