Expertise Building

"This is like adding a turbo under the hood of your car for that extra boost you have been waiting for."

We help define the Talent, Knoweldge, Assets and IP, required to support the strategic roadmap. We facilitate rapid development of Subject Matter Expertise & Leadership, High performance team building, Knowledge augmentation, Network Leveraging and Succession Planning; all using novel visual maps.

Our Model

The graphic below should help focus on effective expertise building (Talent, Knowledge, Assets, IP, ...)

Expertise Building

It shows 4 quadrants based on the two axis of existence and awareness.

  • Simplest and routine activity is to deploy all of the existing expertise that we are aware of, and even track the level of utilization, particularly for people and assets.
  • Once we become aware of required expertise, we make conscious effort to acquire it and move into blue box.
  • As a manager, we need to accept that our organization has expertise that we are not aware of, which causes waste in form of under-utilization, rework, or retraining. The unknown existing expertise is also an opportunity for more business, and cost avoidance.
  • As a leader, we must assume that we are unaware of certain expertise requirements, in spite of some not so clear symptoms. This dark area is a risk. The path to blue box is via green box.

Self Discovery Questions?

  1. How do you address the black and yellow boxes (unaware)?
  2. How well do you leverage the green and blue boxes (aware)?

Client Case Brief

A product development business was struggling to manage multiple BOM configurations of various product models, and reducing development cost and risk. An “Expertise” perspective opened the leadership to creating the role of a Chief Engineer (Talent) setting up a database for increasing part number commonality (Knowledge) and introduction of phase-gate process for risk reduction, chaired by the Chief Engineer.

Client Testimonials

"Ripi is an inspiring leader who is able to build strong teams composed of both corporate resources and external partners. His enthusiasm for finding creative methods for accomplishing engineering work builds value and win/win scenarios."

- Jeff Gutknecht
Digital Transformation Specialist
Dassault Systemes, TX, USA