Innovation Events

by Dr. Ripi Singh 

Upcoming Events

Innovation Purpose Event

Defining your Why in a meaningful way.
Speaker – Dr. Ripi Singh, Author of “Inspiring next Innovation Purpose”

Volume 2 - Innovation Value Chain​​

An inventor demonstrates the power of innovation value chain via a prototype of an integrated home health device to his mentor..

Volume 3 - Innovation Framework​​

A structured approach to innovation with purpose at the center; neatly surrounded by Project, Profiles, People, and inspiring questions.

Volume 4 - Innovation Mindset​​​

A diverse team with an open collaborative mindset, thinking about the planet, technology, and business.

Past Events

A Purposeful Career (Nov 29, 2020)

A Purposeful Career - A Conversation with Aryaan Study Circle Goa, India.

Virtual Book Launch Event (Nov 19, 2020)

Four volumes with over 100 processes and tools to bring innovation into an organizational culture, from purpose to success.

Purpose: A Key to Success (Nov 16, 2020)

On Monday November 16th 2020, C2E2 hosted Dr. Ripi Singh for a seminar on “Purpose” on a professional and personal level. The audience consisted of professors and students who are affiliated with the UConn Center for Clean Energy.