"Enterprise Innovation Framework – Your silver bullet to managing innovation."

We have simplified innovation management, like never before; just like an ERP or a PLM system takes an enterprise to a whole new level in managing data for process efficiency and effectiveness.

Over 40 traditional and novel innovation management practices have been integrated in a very novel approach to create this powerful tool with intuitive user interface.

The Application

The application is structured to manage all pieces of information relevant to new product or service development. It does not unnecessarily overlap with any of your existing PLM system and ERP system.

For Leaders:
  • Visually manage your strategic roadmap.
  • Performance Tracking by customizable Balanced Score Card
  • Integrated Benchmarking, Competitive Analysis & Smart Forecasting Tools
  • All focussed and tied to Product/Service KPI

For Managers:
  • Tools to optimize Talent, Knowledge & Assets
  • Align individual objectives with business KPIs
  • Align individual development plan with business roadmap and succession plan
  • Risk Quantificaiton and mitigation
  • Collect and evaluate ideas, convert into projects and track execution
  • Customer, Employee and Leadership survey tools
  • Manage enterprise level activity cadence

Program Screen Shots:



Self Discovery Questions?

How effective and efficient are your tools in:

  1. Aligning and tracking business KPIs, with product KPIs, and individual objectives.
  2. Creating business growth strategy, from competitive analysis and benchmarking, and generating product specifications from it.
  3. Gathering new ideas and systematically evaluating them to create only viable projects.
  4. Utilizing comprehensive talent and knowledge maps to build expertise for strategic growth.