How to Find the Path Forward?

The unprecedented, sudden changes wrought by the Covid-19 crisis have deep and wide implications across business and civil society.  Read more

Strategic Planning Recipe for Small business

Attention Entrepreneurs! Are you looking for a recipe to create a road-map?
Here are 6 steps to build a sustainable growth cycle that will also inspire your management. This is a result of close association in helping many of my business clients over the past few years. Read more

CAE in Bio-Mechanics – Imagine Next ?

The Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) models for human bodies are now being used in automotive crash simulations to identify safety problems and find their solutions.  They can simulate kinematics and injuries in response to a large impact such in a car crash  Read more

Business Blueprint Simplified – Part 2 – Business Growth

Every business is a growth business, as long as the stakeholders are interested in growth.  Once again, here is how you can put your growth strategy on a one page landscape and confidently forge ahead. Refer to the graphic and fill in 12 boxes in the sequence as numbered, Read more