Business Dashboard

"This is like a dashboard of your car that tells you if you are speeding, low on fuel, or engine problem."

We help define your Business Dashboard, which will show the performance of your company.

This tool tells you the real time data you need to make sound decision, thus enabling growth and reducing operaitonal stress. We also add leading indicatores to the dashboard to provide a predictive look ahead capability.

Our Model

We start with fundamental business value proposition to establish metrics across the four categories of Key Performance Indicators –

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Offerings (Products/Services)
  • Expertise (Talent, Knowledge, and Assets)

We then define the proper goals that make sense and establish a tracking mechanism. The exercise typically takes a few months of pilot before the protocol stabilizes to provide dependable data.

Business Dashboard

Self Discovery Questions?

  1. Do you have a balanced score card of competing KPIs that aligns with your business objectives?
  2. How often do you revise your KPI list? Have you thought of leading indicators?

Client Case Brief

A commodity manufacturer was struggling to generate profits. The team was gathering many of the KPIs but within individual departments. Like the gas gauge is on the gas tank, and the speedometer is on the wheel. A simple excel based tool for quick and easy look at all of the competing success metrics, helped focus the entire team, take sound decision, increase production capacity with same setup, and make profits.

Client Testimonials

"Dr. Singh initiated a new way on how the results from our research and development projects could be transformed into business opportunities. The way we are thinking about innovation has been considerably changed. I can strongly recommend this workshop for every engineering business."

- Dr. Ing. Habil Carsten Koenke
Material Research and Testing Center MFPA
Universität Weimar, Germany