Inspiring NEXT Series

by Dr. Ripi Singh

Innovation Mindset (Vol 4)

Innovation Mindset (Vol 4) provides you with tricks to build the next mindset (People How?) and is important, since processes and tools are not sufficient to become a consistent innovator. Leaders and managers tasked to bring change to the organization must not skip this.

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Innovation mindset

A diverse team with an open collaborative mindset, thinking about the planet, technology, and business.

Table of contents
  1. Innovation Mindset
  2. Innovation Struggle
  3. Unshackle the Past
  4. Reboot Leadership
  5. Re-Ignite Creativity
  6. Embrace Exploration
  7. Mindset in Tough Time
  8. Time to Reflect
  9. Time to Liberate
  10. Define the Future State
  11. Start the Journey
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