Inspiring NEXT Series

by Dr. Ripi Singh


When I started my coaching practice with an innovation Framework; the customers, advisors, and well-wishers started asking if my coaching content is available as a book? I wasn’t sure if I had sufficient valuable content worthy of a book. Then one day Mr. Vaibhav Garg, an Innovation Manager, and a client, whom I admire for his intellectual insights, said, “Sir, write a book now. You are ready. Maybe more than ‘a’ book, since you have so many useful things to share.” Vaibhav stayed by my side providing a critical review of the content throughout the writing and editing process.

Association with the ISO team of innovation experts has been a wonderful learning experience. I am so glad to know Prof. Pierre Deplanche (France), Federico Meneghello (Italy), Prof. Jin Chen (China), James Bromely (U.K.), Magnus Hakvåg (Norway), Irene Makar and Sorin Cohn (Canada), Robin Rowe, Rick Fernandez, and Frank Voehl (USA).

The content of the Inspiring Next series comes from the years of research on innovation and experience working with clients around the world. Some wonderful individuals who put their faith in early versions of the innovation Framework and applied it to their businesses include Dr. Pavan Suri (Singapore), Dr.-Ing Carsten Könke (Germany), Dr. Johannes Vrana (Germany), Prof. Ali Bazzi (Lebanon), Ranvir Singh Rathore (India), Dr. Anukram Mishra (India), Lax Srinivasan (India), Prof. Krishna Pattipati, Dr. Khaled Hassouna, Michael Hoagland, Robert Renz, Bryan Mattimore, Eileen and Matthew Hasson, John Dewey, Chirag Thaker, Jill Meyer, Max Kothari, Mike Racette, Joe Pesticci, Paul Sessions, Brian Kench, Don Locke, Laury DiMarco, Ravi Raghu, Tim Maurer, Rich Dorans, and Michael Rocheleau (all from the USA). Each application helped me get better at innovation coaching and I am very grateful for their engagements and feedback.

Prashant Gupta of Runtime Software (India) worked tirelessly to translate the Framework into a cloud application EinFrame. Candid conversations with Bill McClain encouraged me to write this series. Maya Ramaswamy, a sustainability advocate, covered it all up with her artwork.

Going back to the early years of my coaching practice, few individuals gave me the confidence to keep moving, whenever I was experiencing my lows. Kevin Bouley has always been there to show me hope, connecting me with the right set of individuals, engaging me in intellectually stimulating activities, and showcasing my work to his network. Dr. Pawan Suri and Dr. Rick Pettit never hesitated to help me recalibrate. Rob Berman has been a strong emotional supporter and branding coach.

I attribute the foundations in research and technology management to a decade of learning through United Technologies Leadership Trainings encouraged by Paul Adams, John Zimmerman, and Dan Eigenbrode. Ann Gowdey has been a mentor and coach for almost 15 years, encouraging me to think bigger, helping me transition from an engineer to a manager, to an executive, and then an entrepreneur. Dr. Gopi Katragadda and Dr. G.P. Singh were my former leadership mentors.  Late Prof. A.K. Rao, Prof. T.S. Ramamurthy, Prof. B. Dattaguru, Prof. A.R. Ingraffea, Prof. V.S. Malhotra, Prof. S.C. Sharma, and Prof. S.N. Atluri, were my Engineering teachers through the graduate program and early career. Their leadership style still inspires me to do the right thing in the right way, for the organization and the people, no matter what. Often, I just get to an answer by asking What would Dattaguru or G.P. do in this situation?” Just after Coronavirus, I quickly adapted the process G.P. followed soon after 9/11 for his business.

I would like to acknowledge the good that came out of a few naysayers, who triggered me to both improve the models and how I express them.

My lovely wife Anu Kaur and my son AJ Singh, who have both been by my side encouraging me to excel for almost three decades now. Let’s not forget all those who are helping us deal with the Coronavirus through innovations in medicine, and service.

 – Ripi Singh, June 30, 2020.