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Ripi Singh

Coach, Innovator & Strategist - Dr. Ripi Singh

Dr. Ripi Singh is an innovation and productivity coach with over 20 years of excellence in people, process, and technology leadership, spanning aerospace and defense, healthcare, energy and power, manufacturing, and IT domains. He is natural at team building, problem solving, and creating new benchmarks. He is internationally recognized for contributions to aviation safety. Globally and culturally sensitive having worked in USA, EU, and India; in academia, corporate world and small business environment.

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Career Contour

  • Member CT Academy of Science and Engineering
  • 25 years in Product Development, Leadership & Teaching
  • Globally Astute – worked in USA, Europe & Asia
  • PhD Engineering, MS Management / Strategy
  • Individual and Enterprise Advisor, TeamBuilder, Strategist, Inventor, Author & Speaker

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Client Testimonials

Dr Ripi is someone who has the unique quality of getting all the details right, without losing sight of the big picture. He can be counted upon to never miss the forest for the trees. Dr Ripi is astute in all organisational and leadership situations and still has the quality to accept creative solutions that others can come up with. Above all, he is willing to learn and adapt. He never shies from going back to the drawing board either to come up with well rounded, and robust solutions.

- Vaibhav Garg, R&D Manager
Power Business

I would like to draw special attention to a new friend of ASNT, Ripudaman Singh. In his first year as a volunteer, he has held the vice chair position of an important ad-hoc committee, organized a dozen sessions at ASNT spring conference in Denver, played a key role in a technical focus issue of Materials Evaluation on NDT Reliability, was guest speaker at two local sections and revived his own section. Kudos to you, Ripi, for all you have done for the members in Texas and in general."
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- Citation, Materials Evaluation (Journal)